Battling Writer’s Block? Here’s What You Can Do

Whether you write to live or live to write, there will be days when it is not only tough to get started, but even tougher to continue. Those times can be quite frustrating and dispiriting, sometimes leading talented and enthusiastic scribes to throw in the towel.

Here are a few ideas that can help to get those creatives juices flowing once more:

Try a Different Spot

Not getting anywhere in your current location? Maybe you need a change of scenery. Do you tend to write in public? Then go somewhere private for a change.

Try a New Time

Tend to write in the evening? Switch to the break of dawn. Sometimes our brains are at a different place at various times of the day, and that new period just may be a more creative one for you.

Try a New Medium

Do you use a computer to write? Maybe it’s time to go old school and switch back to pen and paper. Conversely, maybe you have been putting off computer use and it’s time that you finally plunged in and learned how to use Microsoft Word. It may just be psychological, but sometimes the method your words are preserved with can make a difference in how effectively they come out.

Take a Vacation from Writing

Don’t see this as a defeat, but as a way to recharge your creative batteries. Sometimes you just need to forget about something that isn’t working and concentrate on the things in life that are. Don’t worry, chances are your inspiration will come back to you.

Try a New Project

Words not flowing on a project that is very important to you? Put it aside for the time being and concentrate your efforts on something that matters less. This just might be the break that will help to get you back on track.