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What Can Cause Home Improvement Projects to Stall?

We all want our homes to look great and reflect our tastes and design preferences. If you have a fixer upper, that might mean a considerable amount of work on your part. However, even the most ambitious home improvement fans can run into trouble once in a while. So, what could possibly cause your ambitious renovation to come to a stop?

  • Relationship change. Many times, couples buy a home and launch a renovation project. However, if that relationship sours, the home improvements can stall in the wake of more pressing concerns. If one partner leaves the relationship, the other might not have the funds to continue on their own.
  • Money woes. You may enter into a project with a plan and a budget, but unforeseen things can take place that add additional expenses. Supplies might not be available and the substitutes cost considerably more, you lose a contractor and the only one available wants double, etc. Try to factor such possibilities into your budget before you start.
  • Frustration. Many people like the challenge and saving that comes from doing it themselves. However, you may find that you have bitten off more than you can chew and the renovations are taking much longer than you planned. Perhaps that window you had set aside for the work has closed and you no longer have the time available?
  • Permit expiration. Depending on what you are planning on doing, you might need to get permits from your local government. The majority of these permits have expiration dates. If you don’t get done before the time allotted, you will have to delay, abandon that part of the job, or apply for an extension.

Home improvement delays can be quite disappointing. It is impossible to account for every occurrence, but try to plan your budget and time schedule with as much detail as possible. Nobody likes to plan for the worst, but try to think about what could go wrong so you will know what to do it something does.

Getting High at Work

No, we’re not advocating smoking pot at work (though when it becomes legal in Canada next year, don’t be surprised if you catch a colleague taking a toke or two)! By high, we mean working at great heights as part of your job duties. This is more involved than simply standing on a ladder in order to get that extra box of paper for the photocopier.

working at heights

Ask any construction worker or window washer: working at heights safety techniques are a very important part of the job. Some people are more amenable to working at great heights than others (many of the major bridge construction projects in the United States used Native American workers accustomed to heights and unafraid of working in that sort of position), but either way, there are certain rules you must know inside and out for this type of job.

For example, it is compulsory in most work of this type to wear a safety harness. That way, if you lose you balance or are bumped into by a fellow employee or a piece of equipment, the harness will save you from falling and serious injury (or even death). It takes hardly any time at all to put on a safety harness and those few seconds could well save your life. Make the sure the harness is securely attached to you and that the other end is fastened tightly to a sold, stationary object.

Most positions in this line of work require that new hires complete an online health and safety certificate to help ensure they know all of the rules revolving around safe conduct and respect for their fellow employees’ well-being. You owe it both yourself, your colleagues and members of the public to know all of the safety procedures inside and out.

Furnace Troubles In The Winter


Winter in Canada happens every year. Some winters are really aggressively cold whereas others are really aggressively mild. What defines winter is not in fact a temperature gradient but instead a distance of our part of the world from the sun. There are a number of factors which allow the earth to move further from the sun. There is the orbital path, which is how much the earth floats around the gravitational pull of the sun, our largest star in the galaxy, as well as the tilt of the Earth’s axis away.

Winter in Canada is often coupled with less sunlight per day as well as higher consumption of maple syrup and alcohol. Opposite of Canadians, Australians find themselves on a hot sunny day during Christmas and New Years. This is when Australians often have family get togethers and cook up some good food on the barbecue as well as clink open a number of beverages. Now with the variance in temperature between Australia and Canada during the winter, it’s extremely clear that people need both Hogg Heating & Cooling in their homes.

So early last winter there I was working away on a barbecue with some steak and beers when all of a sudden, BOOM my heater goes out. I was super worried because during the winter months, it is generally very cold. In order to make sure my heater was warm, I wanted to make sure that the furnace was running. Of course when I ran down to check I realized it was broken. This was not the best timing for me personally. I think to be honest that I really needed emergency furnace repair 24/7 .  In order to really ensure my warmth this winter I wanted it to be now.

I was really worried because my Australian cousins were coming down from Australia to stay with me over the winter because they hate summer quite a lot. In order to make sure that I had worked it all out properly I really had to get my furnace fixed.

Your Go To Handy-Man


Hey everyone! Fern here, coming at ya from my townhouse. I’m just a handy-man, here to help you with everything about your home. Repairs, care, and home systems – whatever you need, I’ll be here to provide. I do home repairs on everything from plumbing to air conditioning. I’ll be your online go-to handyman!

Sometimes it’s hard to find someone you trust completely with your home. I’ve started this blog to help you out on information for whatever type of fixing you need. Whether your toilet is clogged or one of your doors is broken, you can come check here for information on how to fix things. I will also give information on home care, repair and systems. There are certain ways of cleaning and maintaining systems in your home, and I will give you instructions on how you can do it! You should have no worries when it comes to your home. I know how important a perfectly balanced home is and will do my best to make sure that your home is just perfect.