Never Store These Things in Your Basement

Basements are the go-to places for storage in most households. When was the last time you looked around yours? I’ll bet you have things dating from your childhood stashed down there. It’s a convenient place for getting things out of sight and out of mind, and you don’t have to pay a storage fee for a locker.

That said, there are some things that you should never put into a basement.

Important Papers

The first thing that people worry about with basements is floods. These can certainly destroy documents. However, you must also worry about heat. Prolonged exposure to heat can cause paper to yellow. Unless your basement is climate controlled and you live in an area where floods are few and far between, find a place upstairs for your papers.


These are in the same boat as documents. Moisture is bad for them, as is extreme heat. If you have an old DVD player you don’t use anymore, donate it or drop it off for recycling.

Certain Fabrics

The heartier the fabric, the better it will do in the basement. Keep delicates upstairs as they will not survive an onslaught by moths, mice, or mold.

Musical Instruments

Moisture is the friend of no musical instrument. No matter what you play, storing it in a damp environment can lead to warping, mold, and/or rust.

Natural Wood Items

Another example of something that does not do well in a damp environment. Warping and mold damage can ruin the aesthetic and financial value of any natural wood item that is stored incorrectly.


Candles are, of course, designed to melt but you want them to do that at the right time. Leaving candles in a hot basement will result in you finding nothing but big lumps of wax.

Hopefully not a shot of your basement!