Furnace Troubles In The Winter


Winter in Canada happens every year. Some winters are really aggressively cold whereas others are really aggressively mild. What defines winter is not in fact a temperature gradient but instead a distance of our part of the world from the sun. There are a number of factors which allow the earth to move further from the sun. There is the orbital path, which is how much the earth floats around the gravitational pull of the sun, our largest star in the galaxy, as well as the tilt of the Earth’s axis away.

Winter in Canada is often coupled with less sunlight per day as well as higher consumption of maple syrup and alcohol. Opposite of Canadians, Australians find themselves on a hot sunny day during Christmas and New Years. This is when Australians often have family get togethers and cook up some good food on the barbecue as well as clink open a number of beverages. Now with the variance in temperature between Australia and Canada during the winter, it’s extremely clear that people need both Hogg Heating & Cooling in their homes.

So early last winter there I was working away on a barbecue with some steak and beers when all of a sudden, BOOM my heater goes out. I was super worried because during the winter months, it is generally very cold. In order to make sure my heater was warm, I wanted to make sure that the furnace was running. Of course when I ran down to check I realized it was broken. This was not the best timing for me personally. I think to be honest that I really needed emergency furnace repair 24/7 .  In order to really ensure my warmth this winter I wanted it to be now.

I was really worried because my Australian cousins were coming down from Australia to stay with me over the winter because they hate summer quite a lot. In order to make sure that I had worked it all out properly I really had to get my furnace fixed.

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