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Lunch is More Important Than You Might Think

Right from childhood you have probably heard about how important breakfast is. It’s the first meal of the day and a key to starting off right by giving your body the energy boost it needs. So, how important is lunch? If I eat a really big breakfast, do I even need to bother with lunch?

Well, yes you do! Lunch is actually quite relevant when it comes to giving you the lift needed to perform well for the rest of your day.

Most people have breakfast several hours before they sit down for lunch. During that time, your body has been using the nutrients you took in from that initial meal. Your blood sugar levels have dropped and that reduces both your energy level and your ability to concentrate and do good work. These are both renewed by a healthy midday meal. Regular meals on a familiar schedule also help to keep your metabolism active, which is good for your bodily functions.

If you are looking to lose some weight, skipping lunch can seem like an easy strategy. However, this is actually a bad idea as your body will simply crave food even more. That can lead to giving into temptation when faced with easy, empty calories like junk food and unhealthy snacks.

There is also the relaxation factor. A busy day can mean cutting back on free time, but skipping lunch is bad for both body and mind. Even a lunch break of only 30 minutes can provide your brain with the relaxation, rest, and distraction it needs to deliver the kind of performance you need to finish the day on an upswing. It may be tempting to keep working right through lunch, but resist and take that time off that you need. Your work and overall health will reflect that extra consideration.