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Why It’s Good to Have a Hobby

Many people have hobbies, but don’t realize that they can also be a very important aspect of their life. Hobbies are something that we discover and come to find rewarding. Those that come to us naturally, rather than being forced upon us by, say, our parents, tend to be the ones that stick. After a long week of work and other responsibilities, it can be very satisfying to do something just for the fun of it.

If you ever question whether your own hobby is a waste of your time and money, some of these points may help to change your mind:


It is very important that we all have some time each day to unwind. Remaining in a constant state of stress is bad for both body and mind, and can actually lead to disease. Also, if you are the type of person who doesn’t like to waste time, think of a hobby as a break from life in which you actually accomplish something.

Enhanced Creativity

In addition to providing you with some solace, a hobby can also give your mind valuable stimulation that is directly related to your own interests. That can help to enhance your creativity, not only in regards to the hobby, but other areas of life.

Concentrating on a hobby not only helps you to learn more about that past time, but about other things that can also be useful to you in ways you might not expect.


Almost all hobbies offer new chances for connection. Whether you are seeking out people who may help you expand a collection or linking up with others have who similar interests, hobbies provide a way to expand your circle of friends. That means more opportunities to learn and grow as a person. And, yes, to have more fun!