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What Can Cause Home Improvement Projects to Stall?

We all want our homes to look great and reflect our tastes and design preferences. If you have a fixer upper, that might mean a considerable amount of work on your part. However, even the most ambitious home improvement fans can run into trouble once in a while. So, what could possibly cause your ambitious renovation to come to a stop?

  • Relationship change. Many times, couples buy a home and launch a renovation project. However, if that relationship sours, the home improvements can stall in the wake of more pressing concerns. If one partner leaves the relationship, the other might not have the funds to continue on their own.
  • Money woes. You may enter into a project with a plan and a budget, but unforeseen things can take place that add additional expenses. Supplies might not be available and the substitutes cost considerably more, you lose a contractor and the only one available wants double, etc. Try to factor such possibilities into your budget before you start.
  • Frustration. Many people like the challenge and saving that comes from doing it themselves. However, you may find that you have bitten off more than you can chew and the renovations are taking much longer than you planned. Perhaps that window you had set aside for the work has closed and you no longer have the time available?
  • Permit expiration. Depending on what you are planning on doing, you might need to get permits from your local government. The majority of these permits have expiration dates. If you don’t get done before the time allotted, you will have to delay, abandon that part of the job, or apply for an extension.

Home improvement delays can be quite disappointing. It is impossible to account for every occurrence, but try to plan your budget and time schedule with as much detail as possible. Nobody likes to plan for the worst, but try to think about what could go wrong so you will know what to do it something does.