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Why It’s Important to Keep Busy

More and more people find themselves leading lives in which free time is a luxury. Being overly busy is not good for your health, so we need to make sure that we all have relaxation periods built into our daily schedules.

However, you can also go too far in the opposite direction. Having too little to do is also not helpful for either your mind or body. Here are a few reasons why being busy can sometimes be a good thing.

Continual Learning

It is always good to learn new things and you don’t have to go back to school for that to happen. Read a book, watch a documentary, join a local society, tour a museum…you never know what you might develop an interest in. Be open to trying new things.

Stave Off Boredom

No one likes to be bored. Boredom is not productive or satisfying on a personal level. Why not spend your downtime doing something productive? Make the effort to do something.

Keeps Your Brain Active

Scientific research has shown that it is important to keep your mind engaged. It can help to stave off degenerative brain issues, such as dementia. Read, do cross word puzzles, engage friends in conversation…every little bit helps.

Impress Your Supervisor

It is not always possible to remain busy at work at all times. However, the most productive and engaged employees find ways to make good use of those extra moments in a way that aids the company. Supervisors notice and remember employees who make that extra effort.

Distract Yourself from Problems You Can’t Currently Deal With

Sometimes we have issues in our lives that cause us stress (e.g. a terminally ill relative), but there is nothing we can currently do about them. One way to deal with any stress or depression that results is to distract yourself from the pain. This can be done by keeping busy with other endeavors.

Getting High at Work

No, we’re not advocating smoking pot at work (though when it becomes legal in Canada next year, don’t be surprised if you catch a colleague taking a toke or two)! By high, we mean working at great heights as part of your job duties. This is more involved than simply standing on a ladder in order to get that extra box of paper for the photocopier.

working at heights

Ask any construction worker or window washer: working at heights safety techniques are a very important part of the job. Some people are more amenable to working at great heights than others (many of the major bridge construction projects in the United States used Native American workers accustomed to heights and unafraid of working in that sort of position), but either way, there are certain rules you must know inside and out for this type of job.

For example, it is compulsory in most work of this type to wear a safety harness. That way, if you lose you balance or are bumped into by a fellow employee or a piece of equipment, the harness will save you from falling and serious injury (or even death). It takes hardly any time at all to put on a safety harness and those few seconds could well save your life. Make the sure the harness is securely attached to you and that the other end is fastened tightly to a sold, stationary object.

Most positions in this line of work require that new hires complete an online health and safety certificate to help ensure they know all of the rules revolving around safe conduct and respect for their fellow employees’ well-being. You owe it both yourself, your colleagues and members of the public to know all of the safety procedures inside and out.